Flux Co. Beginnings

Flux Co. was born through pure frustration, but to understand why perhaps some context should be offered.

One of my day to day jobs is to represent one of the worlds biggest helmet brands, and part of this role means carrying out crash helmet inspections and services at motorcycle dealer open days. 

Customers who have already purchased a helmet can have it stripped, inspected and cleaned, but prior to that they have to hand over the helmet and that's when one of two things happen. They will either remove their gloves which they have stuffed inside or the gloves will still be inside the helmet when they hand it over.

Here in lies the problem "where am I supposed to put them"

Gloves pick up all sorts of road crap from use which can't be avoided, what can be avoided is the damage caused by putting a pair of gloves inside a crash helmet.

Motorcycle lids are made up of an outer shell (the bit with the pretty pattern on it) the EPS ( polystyrene layer ) and the comfort lining ( soft cushion bit ). The outer shell helps dissipate the energy from impacts while the EPS layer helps reduce the impact force on the skull. Over time we know helmets become less effective and cushioning the impact due to the EPS layer becoming brittle and hard, this is often sped up the more a helmet is used ( hence the more use, the more sweat and road grim ) the shorter the lifespan of the helmet ( recommended is 5 years, reduced with over use or harsh conditions) 

If we can reduce the amount of road grim subjected on helmet the longer it will last. If you store your dirty gloves inside a helmet the dirt transfers onto the comfort lining which transfers to the EPS lining speeding up the deterioration process. Its also not very nice wearing a helmet covered on the inside with road grime.

Our holsters long and short are the solution to "where am I supposed to put them"

Hook them onto your belt!