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Dean Harrison - Rear Pocket Fold Wallet

Dean Harrison - Rear Pocket Fold Wallet
With Dean Harrisons seal of approval we currently have of one his Silicone Engineering suits which will be made to order into our Lloyd wallets.

Each wallet will be made from parts of Deans suit making them a truly one of a kind wallet.

Talk to us if you would like a particular section and we can advise on possibilities and lead times.

Please note; we do not carry this product in stock, each wallet is made to order.

A classic fold wallet with an extra pocket. Holds 5 cards, or a mix of cards and cash.

All our wallets are made by hand in our Wiltshire based work shop using traditions leather making skills including stitching, hand tanning and cutting. We source 90% of our leather from a local Bristol tannery which comes from British hides.

Function without the fuss, simple design classic Flux

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