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Leather Glove Holster - Long

£7.99 £12.99

Keep your gloves secure and out of your helmet with a Flux Co. long glove holster, ideal for gloves with soft or no hard knuckle protection.
Not only will this handmade product help keep the inside of your crash helmet clean and stop the transfer of road dirt and oils, this glove holster will also prolong your motorcycle crash helmet's life and safety capabilities

To Use: Simply loop and snap the strap around a belt or waist adjuster. Put the gloves into the bottom and slide the metal loops against gloves.

Why use a Flux Co. holster?

Gloves will pick up road dirt and chemicals such as fuel and oil whilst riding. When gloves are stored in a motorcycle helmet the dirt is transferred to the inner linings and can make its way into the protective layer of the helmet, causing accelerated deteriorating making the helmet less effective in an accident.

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